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Nola Baby Body Butter

“Our small-batch body butter is made with the intent of keeping your skin smooth, moisturized, and free from dark spots and irritations.” 

— Sharona Luke, Owner of NOLA Baby!

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Lip Care

Just reading this made you lick you lips, huh? We got you.

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Fan Favorites

Neutral Ground Body Butter

Feather-light mango butter with DEEP moisturizing and healing properties!

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100% Natural Hand Sanitizer

You've got to get your hands on this sanitizer! (see what I did there?) Available in 2 scents: Old Fashioned and Sazerac.

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Lagniappe Lip Set

Never lick your lips again after you've tried this 100% edible lip scrub! Rub it on. Lick it off. Kiss your boo! Go head. Be extra. In Dat Tingle and Snoball Season.

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The butter felt so smooth. I have to wash my hands constantly all day and this butter keeps my hands nice and soft.

Arnya M.

I used the butter on my belly while I was pregnant. it helped with the itchiness and dryness. put some on my baby daddy too. HE was itching a lot. now he feels better. LOL

Tokarra D.

The butter smells amazing and isn’t oily at all!

Ebony M.

This butter is skin crack! so Smooth and absorbs so well. My skin is always moisturized, but never sticky.

Jessica C.

Bath Products

A good 2 step is always  a win. Even in skincare. Check out the Second Line Sugar Scrub.

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Q & A's

Why make NOLA Baby! Body Butter?

Why not?! As a licensed hair stylist, I take care of my client’s hair and scalp. Why just maintain the top of your head, when I can help you keep the rest of your skin healthy as well!

Our products feature 100% unrefined mango butter, shea butter, and all-natural essential oils.